Well, here we go! As a concerted effort to keep everyone up to date on what’s happening at DotNetKicks, we’ve decided to relaunch the blog on WordPress as the first of hopefully many folks that will come to host their blogs here in the near future – that’s right! You can get your very own blog hosted for free here at DotNetKicks. And as with any About Page, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the folks involved on an ongoing basis:

Team Members

James is the founder of Adzerk, a startup building a new generation of ad server software, and co-founder of TekPub, a site devoted to helping developers learn from high-quality screencasts. In addition to DotNetKicks, James is also involved with Max Foundry, Zerk Media, Infozerk, and Epic Win Hosting. James has been writing code and starting companies for the last 10 years, and has also written books for O’Reilly, Wrox, and Microsoft Press.

When he’s not working with James, Mike, Rob and Scott about how to grow the business, Bob helps his other startups which include Icanhascheezburger.com, Cafepress.com, Shopittome, Wildtangent.com and B-Stock Solutions. Bob has been an active investor and Venture Capitalist for over 15 years and is driven to help build dynamic, scalable bootstrap startups.

Mike Hardy

Mike sold his first software program to Bob Parsons in 1995 and has been writing code and building web sites ever since. His first startup was iPilot.com after which he started consulting for small and large companies in the Bay Area. Today he splits his time between designing enterprise applications, building startups, and growing established online properties like DotNetKicks.

Robert Greyling

Rob is the co-founder of EI Solutions, a consulting company in the UK that focusses mainly on delivering bespoke software solutions in the Banking and Insurance verticals. His focus in the last few years has been community driven and enjoys focusing on startups with great potential and he is very excited to accept an opportunity to join DotNetKicks to help drive development & community based learning to the next level.